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You just never know what you will find at Goodwill.  I found this blue painted dresser last week - I had eyed it before but never gave it much heed - last Thursday it was 50% off so I looked a little closer.  The blue paint was so glossy, it almost shimmered.  There were white dirty knobs.  One of the drawers was out of alignment.  But as I looked closer I saw that the drawers had dovetail construction (always a plus!) and that underneath and behind, there was solid oak wood.  Believe it or not, I left without buying it...thinking, "Do I need another project?!"

I kept thinking about that dresser - always a sign that it has to come home with me.  I went back on Sunday afternoon - walked right in the store and claimed it as my own.  Brought it home and took the electic sander to it...the blue paint stopped shimmering...and green paint (along with a touch of turquoise) peeked out from behind the blue.

Going with a Provence influence, I swapped out the dirty white knobs for burnished copper.  The screw end was smaller than the previous knobs and there was a distinctive mark on the drawer front from the former knob...what to do...
I grabbed some rusty metal washers...the copper knob screw end fit perfectly through the washer and the washer was large enough to cover the marks left from the white knobs.  I love it when such machinations work out!

Yesterday I took the dresser to Faded Elegance to freshen up my spot...if you feel it has to come home with you, you'd better go check it out.

Faded Elegance
Historic Downtown Snohomish


  1. Oh Amy it's GORGEOUS & what a CLEVER idea to use the washers to cover the rings....!!

    Ooh & I LOVE the lampshade you've shown in the last pic....Did you make that....??

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Tamarah -
    thanks for the comments - and yes, I did make the lampshade - all the details are in this blog post-
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. What a treasure underneath all that paint, it just takes time and patience! (like I'm one to talk, I've got a barn full of projects waiting for my time and patience!) Saw your comment on BH, hope you make it to the Vintage Gathering Flea Market this Saturday too, well worth it and so is our shop! Lots of fun to be had in Battle Ground.
    Lisa :-)


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