The Viewing

The posting on craigslist grabbed my attention, "cleaned out grandpa's cabin and garage, priced to sell, large free pile that will grow as the sale continues..."  This is exactly the kind of sale I love - lots of boxes and piles of stuff, not in the cleanest condition but ready to have its beauty revealed.  I was not disappointed.

The Singer sewing machine body is wonderful - I am a sucker for anything metal, rusted and of a mechanical nature.  The round medallion was attached to the back of the machine covering the access to the flywheel.  I may resell the machine body but I am keeping this medallion - the metal embossing is beautiful - I think I'm going to contact Tammi of my brown wren and see if she can make this into a necklace for me.  I put a couple of the keys together on a length of ball chain - I think there's necklace potential there as well!
The 1950 road map of Washington was hidden at the bottom of a box of nails - perfect collage material.  The creamy matte finish footed USA planter matches one I already own.  The slender leather covered case once held a set of cocktail silverware; its an ideal foundation for a mixed media collage hidden inside.
Wherever you are, there's sure to be lots of yard/garage/tag/estate sales this holiday weekend.  Happy Junking and enjoy!

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