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Today I went to Seattle - had a few errands to run - but wanted to stop by my favorite recycling/salvage center - RE Store.  I'm in the midst of several projects/collages for the upcoming Fresh Paint show (as well as prepping for holiday shows!) and needed a source of materials.  I like to use a recycled piece as the basis for my larger collages - in the past I've used everything from an old kitchen drawer to a wooden wine crate to a discarded table top.  The recycled aspect ties in nicely with my work and its budget friendly.  I like using wood as the foundation - gives me something solid when attaching found objects.  I figured that I would find what I needed - and I did.

The RE Store carries just about every kind of building material as well as hardware, electrical, and plumbing supplies.  You'll find school lockers rescued from demolition of classrooms to antique bricks from a cobblestone street.  And there's usually a FREE box out in front of the store!

Here's my take from today.  The two kitchen cabinet doors will be the foundation of my "E is for Egg" collage (incorporating the unloved collages from the previous post).  The two house numbers will be for my current multi-media collage of clocks, numbers and time.  The 4 black knobs, the birch strip veneer and the white metal findings were all out of the free box - the knobs most likely will be feet on a future tray yet to be made.

Well, the sun is out so I need to get sanding, painting and hammering - I'll post my creations as I finish them.  Meanwhile - check out the RE Store site - even the opening page has quite a few clever recycling ideas...

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  1. Good Morning Amy....!

    THANK YOU for your recent note....!! Oh how I LOVE salvage places....There are a couple here in Melbourne that I could spend HOURS at a time at on my hands & knees digging through boxes & running my hands over doors & their ancient surfaces....** sigh ** Now THAT'S my idea of a 'good time'....hahahahaha....GLAD you were able to find some pieces for your projects....!!

    Cheers for now lovey,
    Tamarah :o)


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