Urban Craft Uprising

Today I met up with my friend Sue and her daughter Anna to check out Urban Craft Uprising - a great craft/art show in Seattle.  This show runs twice a year - once in the summer and once in December, just before the holidays.  I've never been able to attend in the past but wanted to make a special trip to check it out and consider applying to be a vendor for the December show.

Sue wanted to be one of the first 100 in line to get a swag bag.  We drove down early and got in line with a few others...hard to tell if there were 100 people in front of us or not.  Glad there was a place to sit and wait.

While we waited, we played with our cameras.  Anna, Sue's daughter, showed both of us some cool features of our Canon cameras that we didn't know about...I need a twenty-something to show me how my electronic stuff works...I'm still listening to cassette tapes and recording TV programs on VHS so I know I am in the dark ages on some matters.  I took a few "arty" photos while waiting...this is the Space Needle seen through the outside screening of the Opera House.
When the doors opened at 11am, we were three of the lucky 100.  During lunch we poured over the contents of the swag bags and swapped items with each other.  Here's just a sampling of my bag...
Once inside, we hit every vendor - lots of jewelry, lots of textiles, lots of great graphic design.  Laura Bucci had great graphic images on bags, button and pins (in fact, everybody had those quarter-size lapel pins for sale with the best images...have to look into making some of those with my images...)
I've bought from Ex Libris Anonymous before - they make recycled journals from vintage books - all with interesting titles and graphics - I've given many as gifts over the years.
Striking graphic images printed on vintage fabric was very popular.  These are from Field Day - love the bee!
This bicycle graphic I bought from Kitchen Ink - you can find them on etsy.com 
Dinah Coops had beautiful objects with the simplest of graphics - proof positive that less is more.
Midori Ribbon was one of the sponsors of the show.  I've been to their outlet store many times.  Today I bought a package of their printed papers - the perfect addition to my multi-media collages.
I'm a sucker for great graphics - especially on a business card.  If you can't capture my attention with your card, it might be hard to capture my business.  These cards from today really struck a chord with me - both with their card and their products.
After we were shopped out, we headed over to the plaza in front of the Experience Music Project where the Mobile Chowdown was happening.  We ate lunch at the Thai truck, sitting in the sun, enjoying a fabulous Seattle summer day!

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  1. Hello over there Amy.... :o) !

    How LUCKY were you to make it to this FABULOUS show....I bet you're SO GLAD you managed to make it....!!

    Do you think you will attend the December Show as a vendor....?? It sounds like it would be a GREAT match for you....!

    THANK YOU for your LOVELY note earlier....!!!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)


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