The End Result

About three months ago I wrote about Tim Vermeulen, a young artist looking for world wide participation in his college art project -http://fourcornersdesign.blogspot.com/2010/03/artfrom-around-world.html

I don't know how many others sent Tim "raw materials" but I sent him a hefty envelope of ephemera.  Last week I received this email with information on his end result...

Hello All,
I am attaching photos of the final result of my 360* drawing project. Thanks in part to your efforts, I earned the grade of "A" on the project. In the end I created my first artist's book, which was great fun. At the time I was contemplating travel and the various injustices (not necessarily associated with it, but) which cross into our path. In retrospect I feel as if I have tried to address too many points of contention which I have with the world and our species. This may lead to some confusion and disagreement on the viewer's end of things. However, I am proud of the way the work turned out because it stands as a depository of my idealist, naïve, and fresh perspective at the dawn of my dealings with the whole wide world.

I am so grateful for the help of each and every one of you--this project would have remained in my sketchbook for far too long and would be significantly less diverse had it not been for your efforts. Stay well.

Warm regards,
Tim Vermeulen

Such an assemblage of shapes, colors and ideas - I hope to see more from this young artist in the future.

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