Unloved and unwanted

Art can be very fickle.  You create a piece that just sings, you love it - you take it to a show - everyone loves it - it sells and goes home with a happy new owner.  Other times, you create a piece - it doesn't quite gel- you can't put your finger on it - you take it to a show - nobody looks at it - you take it home and rework it.  And then there are the times when you make a piece that you feel nails the emotions just right - you take it to a show, you take it to another show, and yet another show...and still it does not sell.  But you loved it so much - why can't others see this?  The art isn't fickle - the patrons are you think.

Such is the life of these two mixed media collages - one pictured above and one pictured below.  The basis of each collage is an original page from the 1921 book Bird and Bees by John Burroughs.

I am debating what to do with them.  I'm thinking that I will remove them from their frames and incorporate them as embellishments within a larger collage.  I have some large cardboard birds that most likely were used in a 1960's grade school classroom to decorate the bulletin board to announce the arrival of spring.  Some burlap might be added.  Maybe I'll follow the schoolroom thread and add pages from an old primer.

Hopefully I'll have the reincarnation done for the Fresh Paint Art Festival - you'll have to stop by and see!


  1. Hello Amy....!!

    I know what you mean....Although I'm not an artist, I have experienced this with my junk 'creations'....Sometimes I'll marry two pieces of junk & the piece will SING to me yet no-one else seems to 'see' what I see or 'get' it ....!!

    I clicked on your pics to make them bigger then made a square with my hands cutting out the frame....I LOVED how each one looked without the frame....??

    Good luck....!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. They are beautiful pieces. I look forward to seeing them reinvented in your new piece. The 1960s bulletin board birds have me intrigued! I love vintage school items.


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