Art Parties for Fall 2014

I invite you to join me at an Art Party this fall...the new schedule is posted and there's plenty of creative inspiration...here's the details...

What is an Art Party?  

Its a creative opportunity to join with like-minded souls...to be inspired to cut, twist, paste, design, laugh, kvetch, paint, eat & drink, relax...while constructing a one of a kind project...with no worry of what supplies to bring nor any concern about clean-up...

Each art party will feature a different creative project as described below and will be held at my workshop art studio in Everett, WA. Seats are limited so early registration is encouraged.

Registered attendees will receive additional workshop information and directions to my studio with the email supplied by attendee via PayPal purchase. 

Credit card payments accepted and all payments are made through PayPal. Registration sales are final and non-refundable; however a registration may be transferable.

Have a question or special request?  Want your own private art party?  With a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8, you and your friends can celebrate a birthday, enjoy a girl's day out or just have a ton of creative fun!  Feel free to email me at amy_duncan@yahoo.com


Rendezvous with Resin
Been curious about working with epoxy resin but a little hesitant to give it a try? Come and join the group while constructing mini 3-D collages, captured forever in a layer of resin.  We'll use bottle caps, jar lids, tart tins and tin can tops to make ornaments, magnets and decorative pins...adding in buttons, postage stamps, clock gears, ribbons...
the options are limitless...  

Date: Saturday September 20
Time: 1-4 pm
Workshop Fee: $45

Corrugated Cardboard Journals
Using the common material of corrugated cardboard, you'll create a one of a kind journal.  Peeling apart the layers of the cardboard or carving out an inset design will lend a textured effect to the personal story you tell within its pages. Collage designs crafted from magazine ads and junk mail will inspire you to see the potential in any sort of leftover paper scrap and set you loose on a whirlwind recycled tizzy!

Date: Saturday September 27
Time: 1-4 pm
Workshop Fee: $40

Altered Tins
Metal madness reigns in this workshop!  Starting with a simple tin box, you'll fashion your own miniature shrine or create a special memento for a friend. We'll cover transfer tape techniques that can be used to layer images for a collage effect.  There will be plenty of vintage photos so you can embellish your own "instant relatives" as part of your design...add a wire hanger and it can even be a holiday ornament...

Date: Sunday October 19
Time: 1-4 pm
Workshop Fee: $45


  1. Amy, I so admire what you do and wished I were closer! Two thousand three hundred and fifty eight miles (yes I googled it) is just a bit to far! I wish you the best of luck, the classes look fantastic.

  2. me too. i so wish i lived closer . . .
    will these workshops be offered on-line?


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