Winding down...

As the calendar turns over to September, it is inevitable that summer is winding down...it has been a glorious summer, weather-wise, here in the Pacific NW...not too hot, not too cold...just right.

Here at our place, Its been a season of changes...and commitments...travelling the miles and then staying put...enjoying the sun, but knowing the rain will come.

On this Labor Day, I hope you take a moment to savor the last bits of summer...
put up your feet...and wind down a bit before fall makes its official arrival...


  1. Thanks Amy, another beautiful post.
    My wishes are the same for you.

  2. As I continue to work on re-doing my recently painted rooms, your style continues to speak louder and louder to me. I think it is the style I have been trying to achieve for years. By looking at your work it inspires my vision for what I want in the rooms. I am thinking of doing a mixed media piece for the wall in the living room. I have some ideas so we will see if it comes to fruition. Have you ever considered doing video tutorials? BTW I have been working on re-doing my typewriter display table based on your advice in American Farmhouse.

  3. Beautiful......as always.......:-)
    Lovely start to my day to see your work.


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