Nature is always inspiring

As the light changes from the bright hues of summer to the languid tones of autumn, 
a change of artistic scenery is due...

An old metal medicine cabinet displays vintage bottles and practice sketches...contorted oil paint tubes await their turn...a broken clock, reminiscent of a former time...capturing what once was...

The patterns and textures of nature are always intriguing...

a whorl of flower petals...

the striations in a leaf...

the delineations of a feather, the precision of a wasp nest...

Can we ever really capture the essence of this natural beauty...

these replications in print, paint or photography...only serve to remind us how wonderous nature is...
and that it is best to be experienced and explored...

joining the group over at kim klassen's texture tuesday...
all of my photos were edited with either kk texture magic0916 or kk texture everyday...sometimes both...


  1. Such a splendid series. They make me happy and calm. I cannot pick a favorite. There is such beauty and richness to them.

  2. I think I want to move in with you Amy! Any home with pieces of nature, vintage collectibles and art supplies would be heavenly for me. My favorite photo - that single acorn - simply perfect!

  3. All are intriguing images.. I love your assortment of natures finds..

  4. "Can we ever really capture the essence of this natural beauty..."
    Well I'd say you do a great job Amy! I so look forward to your posts.
    One of my very favorites!

  5. That medicine cabinet is a treasure trove of goodness.

  6. Such stunning vignettes! You are the master!!!

  7. Beautiful still life images and I love your thoughts on nature

  8. Beautiful, natural, earthy collections. I really like that paint palette with the sunflower ...

  9. Now that took some time to put together! Wow! Lovely!

  10. We can't replicate but how wonderful to try! I'm with you on saving the little bits and pieces inside. Then I can enjoy anytime.

  11. Oh you have so many wonderful goodies and so good at displaying them. And collecting.

  12. It's a lovely artist's still life you've assembled there. Wonderful treasures and composition of them ...

  13. What a beautiful collection of natural elements. And your photos are wonderful too.

  14. Beautiful series of photos. Love the wasp and feathers.

  15. Hi Amy. Beautiful colours and inspiration! Take a look at Canadian artist, Jeff Malloy's work http://molloy.ca/jeff/#boxes-and-assemblage
    I think you'll like his work. I just saw it again on a resent trip to Gabriola Island. Stunning colour use.


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