three little words

empty glass bottles...on the way to the recycle bin...

a moment's hesitation...I gather them back up...
stash them in a box...add to them as the weeks pass...

holiday prep is creeping into the calendar...
I spy the bottles...and remember a spark of 
inspiration from lynn whipple via latitude studios...

I grab the white paint and begin...

a pencil outline...a wrap of ribbon...a single suggestive word...

a vessel to hold a dream or capture a wish...

or perhaps impart a pearl of wisdom or two...

the holidays approach...inspiration is building

linking up with kim klassen's Texture Tuesday...
today's photos edited with kk texture dollard soft and gentle and with french kiss texture grunge...


  1. Those are brilliant, such a transformation! Unfortunately the hoarder in me is quite pleased...lol


  2. Ahhh just totally cool, love these and you are an inspiration indeed. Love Love these.

  3. Wow, love what you did with those bottles! You are very clever indeed.

  4. From trash to treasure! Marvelous ... and an inspiration that doesn't require much but a little ribbon, bits of paper. And bottles, of course. Really marvelous!

  5. Ohhhh-you are SO creative!!!! Love these

  6. Awesome idea! Pinned for future reference. Thanks!

  7. You have a wonderful combination, Amy ...
    a great eye and a fertile mind.
    I enjoy both, consistently

  8. This is so awesome! These would make such sweet gifts - thanks for the inspiration :-)

  9. What a great idea! You are very creative!

  10. Amy, Every week I can hardly wait to see how your mind works and what you are creating. You are one of those rare individuals that can't help but be who they are - no pretending at all. That a simple glass bottle could become a vessel for hopes and dreams and thoughts is a testament to your spirit. I love the special little touches - the beads, the ribbon, the simple font. I imagine every person on your gift list is grateful beyond measure. Oh, have you seen the decorator idea where photos are places inside glass bottles - gently wrapping along the contours of the bottle? Think I saw this in an old Pottery Barn catalog.

  11. Love this ! So creative, the little details are awesome !

  12. These are lovely, Amy! I love this idea!

  13. that's a fun idea - I can picture the "wish" and "dream" bottles filled with beach sand from hawaii - and the "wisdom" bottle is just perfect with your little pearls of wisdom


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