Fresh Paint this weekend!

If you've been following along, you most likely know that my big art show of the summer is this weekend - 
Fresh Paint Art Festival held at the Everett Marina

I'll be in Booth 21 along the Promenade of the Marina...lots of new work to show...
One cool aspect of this show is that artists need to demonstrate their craft in their booth
so people get a feel of the artist's perspective...

Since I'm all about using materials that usually get thrown away...and letting people know that it doesn't take expensive supplies or elaborate techniques to create, I'll be demonstrating collage made from junk...namely, junk mail, magazines and the daily newspaper...and encouraging others that you can do it too...everybody's creative...sometimes you just need a little nudge...

While on our recent Southern journey, I challenged myself to create, 
using only aforementioned junk as my inspiration...one such example...

I hope you stop by...see what I'm creating...soak in the atmosphere...leave inspired!


  1. Good luck this weekend, Amy!

  2. I hope you have a great show, and captivate a lot of people with your art.

  3. I think we are kindred spirits Amy! ♥

  4. I clicked too soon ...
    I wanted to wish you well this weekend ...
    I predict a huge success!

  5. Hi Amy, What a great place for an art show. Hopefully the weather will be just wonderful. I wish you lots of fun and success :).

  6. Terrific…that you put these together with the mouths.


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