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This past weekend was the Fresh Paint Art Festival...
edited with kk texture awaken - soft light 60%

there was the threat of rain...its been dry all summer and of course had to rain the week of the show...but the clouds broke after the morning fog and the weather was great...being held at the Everett Marina, a beautiful day on the water...enjoying art...what could be better!

I want to thank everyone who stopped by my booth...
old friends, 
new acquaintances, 
a couple of cute dogs, 
several curious children...
it was all great...

What sets Fresh Paint apart from other art shows is that the artist demonstrates their craft in their booth...I spent the weekend showing how the simplest of materials combined with an easy technique can create art...I wanted to impart the lesson that expensive supplies or an involved process is not necessary for inspiring images...all I used was a glue stick, a pair of scissors, a straight edge and a 8"x10" piece of mat board...my examples...

I call this my David Hockney inspired collage...magazine ads and a photo from the local electric company bill

the Friday NYTimes Art & Entertainment section, the outside envelope of an Audubon Society solicitation, 
magazine travel photo, magazine ad

the inside of four different envelopes from bills received in the mail, picture from a food magazine, 
wrapping from a Trader Joe's salami roll, image from an old postcard, more NYTimes copy

and finally the crowd favorite...more NYTimes (glad we renewed our subscription!), wine bottle labels 
and the cat from the cover of the Sunday paper insert, Parade Magazine, from a couple of weeks ago

The response from most people was laughter...and agreement that art is approachable...but more than one person responded that this would be a great activity for kids (which it would be - but why limit yourself) and that they wouldn't attempt it because  they aren't creative (everyone is...you just need a nudge)  At which time I would tell them about the art parties I hold...which are about fun, play, chocolate and art...all for adults...

But I had neglected to prepare the fall calendar to hand out at the show...and to let everyone know what's happening at the workshop studio this fall...

My lesson learned - be prepared!  
Working on the schedule this week...I promise to post the art party info before the end of the month...

And I'm hooking up with the group over at  kim  klassen's Texture Tuesday...
now there's some great art worth looking at...


  1. Oh, this sounds like such a lovely event! And this is where you met Carol, right? She is so proud of her piece of Amy-art! Your booth looks fantastic, too. Wish I were close enough to check out one of your shows but Seattle is not exactly on the beaten path near KY.

    1. thanks Dotti - yes, I did get to meet Carol - it was great - but we had little time to talk...we'll have to rectify that soon!

  2. I love that you event has you demonstrating!
    With great results! Great post, Amy!

    1. Jacki - it really makes the show much more fun - I've done different demos over the years but this years seemed to be the most popular...

  3. congratulations - Sounds like a wonderful show - I like that the artists create on site. I would have enjoyed this one!

  4. What a wonderful show. Wish I could have stopped by in person!
    Beautiful photographs.

  5. Hi Amy, I'm glad the weather played along and you had such a fun show. As a cat lover I certainly love the cat collage but also the one above. It's very exciting with great contrasts of colors and design elements.

  6. Great post - simple but wow effects :-)

  7. Your booth looked great! I'll keep my eye out for your schedule!

  8. Looks like a great show, Amy !
    Wonderful art collages ... the one with the cat is my favorite too :-)
    Nice week,

  9. I love your collages. They are so fun and free!

  10. These are great Amy! Amazing creativeness with such easy to find materials. I would love to come to one of your art parties, that would be so much fun! I hope your show was awesome!

  11. Amy, your booth looks so inviting. I am at least a little jealous of all those who had the opportunity to meet you in person and see you work. I can imagine you giving that little nudge to so many - offering art as with an invitation and encouragement. Everything you touch bears your creative outlook!


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