A clean slate

My repaired computer arrived on Wednesday...
I plugged it in, turned it on...and boy was it naked! 
pretty much just the Windows 7 operating system...

I'm treating this as
a fresh start
a great opportunity
a new leaf
a clean slate
(insert whatever bromide you wish here...)

to organize my files in such a manner that I can find what I need without looking at every file

to label files in a way that makes sense so I can find what I am looking for

to delete excess photos after I am done with editing the ones I want to keep

to back up all my files on a regular schedule.

All of this, once again, relates back to my word for the year...

What word would you write on a clean slate?


  1. To start over...hmmm...such a nice feeling...and so overwhelming! Take it slow...and enjoy!

  2. That is a scary thing that happened to your computer!!! my life is on mine - I would panic if it came back as a blank slate. I would probably write iCloud on my blank slate :)

  3. Wow a clean computer, I am almost jealous...I love your word 'begin'. my other artist/artisan friends and I all wrote blog posts on our words for 2012, I picked 'reach'.


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