Love thru the mail

Valentine's Day always brings back memories of school days...when you bought those funny colored paper valentines and handed them out at school...sometimes sticking your notes inside  pink decorated boxes...little individual "mail boxes" that were made in art class the week prior...

I've continued to send valentines through the years...the unexpected delivery of a piece of actual mail that is neither bill nor advertisement is a pleasant surprise.  To distract myself from two weeks of computer woes, I broke out glue, paint and paper and went to work...I made 8 valentines and sent them in the mail to friends near and far...

All of these were made with corrugated cardboard as the base...my new favorite substrate...later in the week, I'll share some of my construction techniques...but for now, enjoy this visual valentine for you...

And you count there are only 7 valentines posted here...number 8 is for the Southern Man...I didn't want to spoil his surprise...


  1. These are lovely Amy, I love, love , love the first one.

  2. Like Suzanne said, these are lovely Amy! I love them all. It's been years since I sent Valentines to anyone......my kids are adults and have their own loves but I like the idea of sending them to friends. Thanks.

  3. Amy - you must have made 7 people very very happy! They are just lovely!


  4. One just as gorgeous as the next!! Happy belated Valentine's Day!


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