Ahead of the curve

I have collected vintage sewing supplies for years...I have been sewing since I was a little girl...my mom was a seamstress...and her father was a tailor...so I must have gotten the sewing "gene".

Imagine my delight when I saw this photo in the current issue of Country Living Magazine...

I'm a trendsetter...and I didn't even know it...so I was inspired to do my own take on the photo above...

I have always admired the sculptural quality of these wooden sock darners...and in addition to these wooden ones, I have a few black painted darners...and a small collection of tissue marking wheels...

and dressmaker's shears...

and more than a few thimbles...

I've always enjoyed working with my hands...though I don't sew my own clothes anymore,
I still find comfort in the methodical rhythm of stitching...I find it calming...

What do you collect?  How does it bring you joy?  I'd love to hear...


  1. Love this post, you do have some upscale collections!! Great photos too. I also have a history of sewing, thanks for the nostalgic memory boost.
    Keep smiling and creating
    PS pop by and see what I nabbed a few days ago..

  2. I thought the sock darners were juggling batons before I read the text! How exquisite is the marriage of beauty and utility in your sewing supplies.

  3. Beautiful collections!

    I collect old spools of thread and would like to start a collection of old scissors. Lately I've been collecting wooden hangers.

  4. Your collection is wonderful! I wish I would have picked up darners when I saw them, now I can't find them! My favorite is your thimble collections!

  5. Your collections are fabulous!
    I collect: scissors, staplers, Kodak box cameras, oh and Happy Cats from China!

  6. I collect this and that....some of which would make for a great photo...and others....

  7. What a great collection! I love all things old and chippy! I collect books, they don't have to be old though, antique and vintage silver. I love collecting antique Army stuff. I'm from a long line of military, did 4 years in the Army and my husband still serves. :)

  8. Love those sewing tools... especially the darners...

  9. I haven't seen the latest issue with the darners. I've collected painted darners, but don't have them displayed at the moment. Never thought of collecting seam markers, though. Now I will. Thanks a lot. LOL

    Lately I've been wanting to sew for myself again. Just need to get moving.

  10. Well I do collect a lot and sewing supplies is among them. Soooo "homey" aren't they. I like your photos of yours!


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