Spring tease

The past week in the Pacific NW has been sunny...and believe me, in the middle of winter, this doesn't happen much here.  It's been teasing everyone into thinking that spring is just around the corner...there are tiny buds on the lilac bush and green shoots in the garden. 

With so much sun, experimenting with photography is much easier since there is an abundance of natural light.  As I have mentioned, I am participating in Kim Klassen's class, Beyond Layers...its all year long and is essentially a creativity class...melding photography with writing...with inspiration...with artistic vision.  Even though I don't have a DSLR camera but rather a point-n-shoot, I think I do ok...but I can be better...especially if I learn to take my camera off AUTO and shoot in MANUAL.

With help from a cart of spring bulbs that overturned at Lowes (and thus were only 50 cents a pot!)  I had my own spring fun, shooting a variety of still life images...

When I was done experimenting, I had fresh flowers for the house...the daffodils are in full bloom...
the tulips will be a little later...but I can wait...I know that spring is still six weeks away...


  1. these photos are amazing! you took these with a point and shoot? (mine NEVER come out this clear.)

    yes, our west coast winter has been most unusual this year, hassn't it? we have had bright sunny days too. the california poppies will soon be everywhere.

  2. Lovely...love the BLOOM picture! I am enjoying the lovely sun...so strange but who am I too complain!

  3. Great pics!! Nicely done!!!!

  4. Lovely photos! The Bloom is my favorite!

  5. Amy! Very cool photos. I'm loving the top one!

  6. Amy,

    So look amazing! Gives me hope for my point-and-shoot skills!


  7. I really love all your photos!

  8. Grow, bloom, blossom, life giving! Love it!

  9. i think you should teach photography for bloggers. i mean it.
    i will be your test student.
    i REALLY mean it.
    seriously - no, REALLY.
    you are so gifted.
    what an eye!!!

  10. Your photos were great before you started with the class. I really like what you did with the bulbs. It's so wonderful to see things sprouting up through the earth. New hope! I'm so longing for longer spans of sun!


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