White is the new black

It seems like everywhere you turn these days, everybody's talking about the color white...though I am a lover of neutrals, I never thought about having a white house...until the February issue of Country Living Magazine...white looking so rustic and yet refined...I'm getting in the mood...
source:  Country Living Magazine

And then white was the theme for today's Texture Tuesday over at Kim Klassen's blog...for the past two years, I have been reading Kim's blog, downloading the free textures, admiring everyone else's submissions...and doing nothing more.

Due to my participation in Kim's year-long creativity class, Beyond Layers...and getting over my own phobia of Photoshop...I now feel proficient enough with my photography skills to join the group...though still a newbie...and in awe of other's skills...but I'll let my series of "white" photos speak for themselves...

sewing still life
edited using Kim's happy heart texture, soft light & multiply at 50%

sewing buttons
edited using Kim's revolution texture, soft light and multiply at 70%

what is worth while
edited using my own texture created from a late 19th century book cover

white ironstone
edited using Kim's revolution texture, soft light at 60%

I invite you to visit Kim's blog, Kim Klassen Cafe, and enjoy all the other white images as part of Texture Tuesday...you're sure to be inspired...

worth a look...

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