Camaraderie, part 2

Art speaks a language that knows no distance nor time.  I am fortunate that I have connected with a few artistic souls that nudge me forward with my work. 

Such was the phone call I received a couple of weeks from Jean Rill-Alberto.  I met Jean when I participated in the New York Stationery Show in 2004...I was a newbie in the stationery world, playing in the big leagues...Jean had the booth next to mine, and as luck would have it, is also a collage artist.  Jean is the artistic force behind With Heart/By Hand, where she creates intricate Asian-inspired collages that are featured on cards, in paperweights, on calendars, and mostly recently on necklace charms.
We haven't spoken often over the years...there's always the yearly holiday greetings...but its great to know that there is another artist on the other side of the country facing the same trials and tribulations as myself. 

In our recent phone conversation, we covered the gambit from the recent Stationery Show (she went, I did not), to Etsy (she has a long time shop, I was just starting up mine) to Letterpress (yes, we both love this process but does it have to squeeze out all other options in the greeting card biz!)

So today its kudos to Jean...visit her website and her Etsy shop...and tell her Amy sent you!

worth a look...

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