An artist's tools

As is the case with most artists, you create what speaks to you... I have an affinity for the most basic of artist tools - a pencil, a paintbrush, a pair of scissors.  And of course, if they are old, used and well-loved, all the better! 

I created a series of multi-media collages for my Fresh Paint show that use old book covers for the collage foundation...the marbelized paper was so beautiful with just a hint of the leather binding on the edges. 
These three collages pay homage to artist tools ...

Select original collages will be for sale at my etsy shop after the Fresh Paint show...available after August 23...and don't forget - free shipping for the month of August....just input 811FREESHIP at the end of your order.


  1. Amy, I need to me you!!! We are on such a similar wave length. I am just in the midst of making something using old fountain pen nibs which were my dad's. I'll try and post a picture of them later - so weird, ha ha x

  2. Okay! I was just going to stop by and tell you that you needed to now go to my blog to see my new pieces...but after seeing yours...never mind! Yours blow mine out-of-the-water!! Good stuff here...I bet there will be nothing left after the show to put in your Etsy shop! Very impressive collages...so much depth and mystery...like a good collage should have!!

  3. The little text snips are genius. Glad you included the detail photos. Well done! I like the book-cover substrate idea, too. While I am past berating myself for ripping apart old pages, I still hesitate to repurpose old covers. Small steps here! I walk like a tortoise!


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