Its been a productive week...getting new pieces finished for my upcoming art show, Fresh Paint.  Here's a sampling of what I call my "inspiration squares"...a digital reprint of one of my photos mounted on a painted cedar fence cap with a background of original vintage paper...using anything from old dictionary pages to scraps of antique maps to snippets of wallpaper gives each square its uniqueness...

and speaking of inspiration...thanks to those few who gave me ideas on what to do for inspiration on my if you had 5 days and $1000 post...it only seems right to send out something special to each of them...a packet of my notecards...using the same designs pictured above.  So Jane and Jenifer - send me your snail mail address so I can pop these packets in the mail to each of you.  Jenell - I already have your address...you'll be getting a packet too.

BTW...still don't know what I'm going to do...but I'll keep you posted...


  1. Love old fashioned typewriters. I used to play on my dad's. I used to clove the clickety clack of the keys and watching the ribbon wind round.

  2. beautiful! I have some of those fence post caps sitting on my art table from your suggestion.... gotta do something with them and you have inspired me once again!
    have you decided what you will demonstrate at fresh paint?

  3. These are great. Good job!


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