Out of the ordinary

Recently I was contacted by a junking acquaintance to make two crowns for her...now, this is a little out of the ordinary for me...I'm not a glitter/glam/lace/ruffle girl...but she didn't want ordinary...she wanted something no one else would have...

She was attending a three day event to celebrate a friend's 70th birthday...including a tux and tiara gala with a circus theme and a live elephant...it sounded like quite the soiree...so I went to work...

The completed crowns...aluminum duct metal for base...white paint & glitter for the surface...antique buttons and silk ribbons and other found objects for embellishment...

She called me last Monday to let me know that the event was spectacular, she was exhausted from partying all weekend and the crowns were the perfect touch...no one had anything like them...mission accomplished!


  1. What fun!! I bet you had a great time coming up with ideas for the crowns. I think they are wonderful and I bet your friend was a hit!!

  2. Just beautiful - and I love the 'hope'.

  3. spectacular! amazing! beautiful!


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