Outside my front door...

are my climbing roses...with the cool weather here, the blooms have lasted a long time...its easy to clip a stem to bring inside...with stalks of purple wheatgrass from my alley...all nestled in a well-loved silver teapot...displayed on an overturned ironstone dish...the English marks are always so beautiful...suits the roses just fine...

linking up to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House...many lovely photo mosaics there...


  1. Hi Amy
    The images you have chosen for this mosaic are delightful, so clear and pure.
    Happy MM

  2. Interesting a pretty mosaic...I like the images that you chose.

  3. my dear, it looks like it is straight from the english countryside! stunning :)

    hope your trip east went well. lets get together soon

  4. A very lovely mosaic, interesting.

  5. I love these delicate pink roses! So sweet. They look so pretty in the silver tea pot.

  6. The flowers look lovely in the teapot!


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