All things Southern

There seems to be a proliferation of Southern influence that I have been noticing...maybe its just me...I live with a Southern man so maybe this sharpens my radar...maybe its because we've been talking about moving south...maybe its because its now hip to be Southern...they certainly have a fine way of living...though I still don't understand the appeal of sweet tea and boiled peanuts...but I'm a Northern girl, what do I know...

Case in point...stumbled across this multi-media collage artist (thank you Altered Page!).  His name is Jason Twiggy Lott and his work is astonishing.  He is from the South and identifies that living in the South definitely influences his work...would love to see this in person...the detail is incredible...check out his website here.
Pari-Passu by Jason Twiggy Lott
reprint permission granted by artist

There's a new magazine on the horizon called FOLK.  In a similar vein to Garden & Gun (which I wrote about here), there is a definite Southern bent since the personalities behind it are from Kentucky...but it looks like they will cover a broad range of Americana and a celebration of a simple honest lifestyle. 

Donna from Funky Junk Interiors has just been recruited to be a regular contributer (way to go Donna!)  I can't wait to see the first issue out in early September.  You can get all the details on the magazine here at their blog and here on Facebook.

photo from The New Victorian Ruralist blog

And speaking of Kentucky...there's this store in Lexington called  Finderskeepers Market  (thank you Anything Goes Here for the heads up on this one!) that has a eclectic mix of vintage style presented with a modern vibe...James Snowden (who calls himself the New Victorian Ruralist) is the owner and his blog profiles his design aesthetic as well as "secrets to a life less ordinary".

One final note...opening August 10 is the movie version of The Help, the bestselling novel by Kathryn Stockett set in Mississippi in the 1960s...there'll be plenty of talk about this one...haven't read the book yet...best to put it on my summer reading list...

meanwhile...Sugar, could you get me another glass of sweet tea...

worth a look...

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