The power of Pinterest

Pinterest...the power to find inspiration...and to be found...and to give inspiration to others.  I realize that Pinterest has its fans/fanatics as well as those who detract/denigrate the site...but I find it a source of inspiration...a source that is two-fold...

Some of you may remember that during the holidays, I had several projects that used my remaining felted sweater scraps...and after I made felted wool vases, felted wool stockings, and felted wool mitten garlands, I still had scraps left...but much smaller ones. 


When I spied this pin of these cute chicks, I knew that I found a project to use up those smaller scraps...there's a complete pattern with instructions on the myrtle and eunice blog...to get all the info click here.

I enlarged the pattern (via my scanner and printer) and sewed up three chicks...

I made the "feet" on the black chick out of rusted wire...still debating on "feet" for the other two...the beak on the blue chick is cut from a vintage raffle ticket...

And the blue shelf in the picture...made from an old painted board...I used the same technique for making it
as I did for making my little white boxes but stopped once I had three sides nailed together...

I still have enough pieces left for one or two more chicks...and now I have tiny, tiny scraps of felted wool remaining...what to do with that...?  ideas?

So I have found plenty of inspiration on Pinterest...and others have been inspired by me...it is via Pinterest that HGTV.com saw a picture of my brass stencil lamp and included it as one of 10 ideas to transform your bedroom decor...my lamp is idea #3 in the line-up...read all about it here...

Pinterest...seems to be a two-way street...and because of that, I'll keep pinning...

Linking up to Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Nite Special...did you know that FJ has a special Pinterest board devoted to the highlights from SNS...see it all here...


  1. Adorable! I love the beak and that you only put feet on one little guy. Must put these in my 'Sew Cool' board! :)

  2. What adorable little tweets! And congrats on your kudos! I love your lamp!!!! So much talent!

  3. I love Pinterest, for the inspiration and the Wow factor, I think it is helping to bring our world just that much closer.
    Beautiful spring creating and photos.
    Keep smiling and creating

  4. Those turned out so wonderfully and I love the lamp featured, too! Pinterest is FULL of all kinds of inspiration...love it!

  5. These are adorable Amy - I wish you had some for sale in your Etsy shop!

    I'm visiting to also let you know you won a set of moo cards. They are on order now - with expected delivery at the beginning of June.
    So they 'll be in the mail to you as soon as they arrive (of course I'll need a mailing address first!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the contest.

    (Also fun to read your post about Seth/Donna/Leslie's visit!) What fun!

  6. Well, guess what? I found you on Pinterest! No kidding. I love these little felt birds and am going to make them. I'm your newest follower!


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