Light in the garden

Tucked back in a corner of my garden is this lone yellow poppy...and it just bloomed two days ago...

Amid all the green and shadows, its casts a yellow light...and brightens my day...

Playing with my photoshop textures...
kk texture "chase" soft light at 100%
layer mask to remove texture from yellow poppy
kk texture "letgo" soft light at 25%
linking up to Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday...
and for those Beyonders too...


  1. Beautiful Amy. I love poppies, even though they don't last very long.

  2. very pretty... such a happy flower. such a a happy color. and the green is making my day! THANKS! =)

  3. Beautiful! Like the recipe as well!!

  4. Very pretty, Amy! :)
    Happy May!

  5. This little poppy is a burst of sunshine in my cloudy day. Thanks, Amy!

  6. flowers also bring me light in my life...i just love that yellow poppy, bringing such sunshine!

  7. I love the fragile look of poppies and they are truly as sign of spring. Your image portrays that too.


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