The sum greater than its parts, #2

Work in my very own santa's workshop continues...trying to finish up one project completely before I start on another...but with so many ideas swirling in my head, sometimes its tough to stay focused...I'll have a flash of inspiration and think, "why not try this..." and off I go on a tangent...while one part of a project is drying, I'll get caught up in the details of another...but its all coming together...and I keep telling myself that everything doesn't have to be done by next Monday when I turn my space at Faded Elegance into holiday wonder...gotta keep it stocked with fresh ideas through December...looking at the pile of supplies on my dining room table/office worktable/studio sewing table, this won't be a problem!

You may remember that I was challenging myself to make holiday projects without buying more stuff...to use what I already had...

an assortment of felted sweater scraps left over from last winter's project and a ball of red twine...I snatch up balls of twine and string whenever I see them at yard sales...there's something about the texture and the symmetrical winding that catches my eye...
empty glass jars rescued from the recycle bin...glass jars have become my latest favorite go-to item (did you see the "thank you" in my art sale post that used random jars...or this post about upcycling jars...)
I've gathered all of my loose bells along with a smattering of white buttons for embellishing whatever I might be working on...

Combine the felt with the jars and you have...Felted Wool Vases!

its interesting that my holiday projects are taking on a Scandinavian look...simple & clean-lined, focusing on natural materials...

I used the cut-off sleeves of the felted sweaters to wrap the jars...the red twine was looped 2-3 times around the neck of the jar...the screw lid grooves keep the twine in place so it doesn't slip off... these vases could hold greenery or flowers...or silverware on a buffet table...or a bevy of red candy canes!
Linking up to Saturday Nite Special over at Funky Junk Interiors...now there's some holiday inspiration!


  1. absolutely wonderful! I am impressed as usual my friend. Santa's workshop is full of amazing ideas!

  2. Lovely project that is beautifully photographed! Love this look!

    Shared on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 108. :)



  3. Love it! Saw you on Funky Junk's FB page ...

  4. Sweet project! I love the feel of felted wool and need to try making some! :) The link you left, though, took me to a goofy site, though. Do you have another link? Thanks for sharing such a darling craft!

    xoxo laurie

  5. didn't realize that the felting link on my original post in Feb 2011 was not working - its been corrected - and here it is
    thanks Laurie for the heads up on that!

  6. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who gets easily sidetracked with multiple projects! I love your felted jars - great repurposing.

  7. Gosh those are cute - nice job, well done!

  8. As always, you continue to impress me with your "repurposing"! Some day I'll grow up to be just like you!!!

    Of course I can never work on just one project...this morning I "found" some used wallpaper in my basement and several ideas for new mixed media works popped into my head! Naturally, I had to cut and paste some of this down on canvas boards....but now it's back to other works in progress...

  9. These are so sweet and simple and yet have a sophisticated feel too. Love them.

  10. Wonderful upcycle! I can imagine holly branches in them ....

  11. I just absolutely love them! MUST TRY!

  12. These are so cute...love the idea.
    You have so many interesting ideas here on you blog. Great inspiration!



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