The sum greater than its parts

My dining room table is overflowing with holiday projects...as I mentioned earlier in the week, I am in the thick of prepping for my holiday vignette at Faded Elegance...here's a glimpse of one finished project...I'm challenging myself to use only what I can find/unearth/discover in my studio for supplies...its gonna get pretty creative!

A dozen or more ceramic electric insulators that were left behind from the previous owner who renovated our 1902 victorian home...

a jumble of silver wire and some red wood beads from a busted christmas garland...

I un-twisted the wire and inserted a length of wire through the hole in the center of the insulator...

on one end, I attached a rusty screw (there are no shortage of these around!)
by winding the wire around the screw...

and then I pushed the screw into the hole at the bottom of the insulator, but not before adding a dab of Amazing Goop into the hole for good measure...
I re-twisted the wire on the opposite end into fanciful shapes...and voila!
For some I added a red bead...others I left naked...since the ceramic is heavy, there is little chance of tip-over...they can display photos, hold place cards, add whimsy to your table...whatever you like...
Joining the inspiration fetes at both Funky Junk Interiors and Inspired by Charm...I  hope you visit both of them for a heavy dose of creative inspiration...


  1. These are so very clever - and cool.

  2. Sweet idea, Amy! Luv this! I'm going scrounging in my basement this week. lol! :)

    xoxo laurie

  3. Great parts and great sum of them too!

  4. I love this project...it turned out great!!

  5. Great project~ I don't have the insulators but I'd like to find something else that will work... Love your idea!
    Susan @ homeroad.net

  6. Love that found objects make such cool pieces!

  7. Super sweet!
    BTW - Your book came in the mail yesterday. Had to flip through all the photos last night - so much inspiration! Can't wait to start reading!


  8. so creative! I love the red and white!

  9. I love that you challenged yourself to use only what you found in your studio! Great result, too.

  10. Once again, I am enjoying the way your mind and spirit work together! Loving the playful feel of these!

  11. Love it! My studio is filled with canvases in progress (five of them now!) and eclectic items that I keep meaning to photograph for my Etsy shop....I guess I should just give up sleeping...


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