Guilty pleasures

long week
tired muscles
fried brain

warm water
soft light
fragrant bubbles

flannel pajamas
quiet house
new Sue Grafton novel

sound sleep
ready tomorrow
refreshed inspiration

what's your guilty pleasure...


  1. Coffee.
    I haven't read Sue Grafton since maybe "L" or "M" I lost track, it's been quite a few years. I hope you feel refreshed!

  2. Hot chocolate in warm flannel pajamas. Its been so many months I've not enjoyed a quite evening at my place. Looking for peace and i think nothing can be better than enjoying hot chocolate in my favorite flannel pajamas that I got from PajamaMania.com

  3. My guilty pleasure is lighting a slew of candles at dusk and then watching all the lights twinkle on in my neighborhood. Makes for a very cozy feeling.

  4. That is exactly what I did last night at the end of the day! I love hot baths and cozy jammies!

  5. A glass of brandy, a hunk of dark chocolate, jazz playing quietly in the background, a good book...

  6. Hi nice blog! I am reading one of the 'Game of Thrones' books recovering from rotor cuff surgery. I have been reading books with my daughter thu GoodReads'.
    Sometimes I read the International Hearld that I subscribe to on my Kindle. Otherwise Nigel is my everyday project. Time for a walk! Good stuff Amy!

  7. My guilty pleasure is reading about yours! Or, watching a cheesy movie (Monte Carolo) while eating kettle corn!


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