Some want diamonds...others, rust

I had a chance over the weekend to sort & clean my finds from my Yakima trip.  Some will end up in my space at Faded Elegance...some will be fodder for future art projects...some will stay at home with me...

I collect black croquet balls...just the black ones...this beauty is my newest addition...
adore the pewter bowl too...well-loved with great patina...it will be at Faded Elegance as part of my October/November vignette...

The metal trowels with their wood handles make handsome photo holders.  I always carry a magnet with me when I'm junking to check out whether or not found metal is steel (magnet will stick) or aluminum (magnet will not stick)...whether or not a magnet sticks often dictates how it will be used.  The fabric button magnets are a quick and easy project...find details on how to make them here.
Old tools, of any kind, fascinate me...especially anything connected with measuring.  The wood handled awl is going into the container with my other art tools...the wood feels so comfortable in my hand...
And then there's this honey of a tool...the Southern Man bought this for me at one of the estate sales we were at...he told me, "You need this."  He was oh so right...
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  1. I just love old tools too. Love the old screwdrivers, etc. with the worn wood handles.
    So how many black croquet balls to you have. It looks striking in the pewter bowl.

  2. Old tools are soooooo sweet. And, just the black balls? Neat!

  3. I really prefer a balance of diamonds and rust. They complement each other perfectly.

  4. I like the industrial chic! It made for an inspiring pictorial.

  5. for Jane and others...I have eight black croquet balls...and one black eight billard ball...thanks all for the comments and visiting today!
    amy of four corners design

  6. I am more of a rust girl LOL.
    Lovely items.

  7. I am right there with you! I love old drafting tools..(I am a drafter!) I have my dad's old kit and love picking up older pieces. I love the black croquet balls!

  8. I am more of a rust girl too...could you tell...!
    amy of four corners design


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