A shift in seasons

Now it is officially autumn...you can feel a change in the air...a difference in the light of day...
the wind blows in anticipation of what's ahead...

I collected this leaf on a recent morning walk...autumn brown is creeping around the edges of summer green...this leaf study is one of my new art card designs...available soon for sale in my etsy shop.

And speaking of art cards (and winds of change)...I am pleased that I have been invited to "Pitch my Product" to Country Living Magazine...in Atlanta...in October...and its happening concurrently with the Country Living Fair...so of course I am flying in early to spend a day junking before I make my presentation...can't wait!

Linking up to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House...I'm sure others will have signs of autumn among their pics...


  1. And autumn foliage are showing there colors. ^_^

    The Rose

  2. Oh my gosh Amy!!! That is exciting news! I wish you the best in October!

  3. Junking in Atlanta...can't wait to see what you find!! Love the leaf pic...fall is my favorite time of year. We're going up to northern Michigan at the end of this week...here come the fall pictures!!!

  4. Amy - that's great about the product pitch! Will you be pitching something specific? Or a range?

  5. Congratulations on Pitch your Product! That is great news! I really wanted to attend this year, but I will send my friends your way! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  6. Congrats Amy on the appt with Country Living. What a huge honor. I hope it turns out to be all that you hope for.

  7. thanks all for the supportive comments - I will definitely be posting about my adventures on my blog - stay tuned!


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