Better late than never...

I've joined the 21st century...or at least 2011...I bought a smartphone yesterday.  No, its not an iPhone but it has all the bells and whistles and then some.  On the homefront, the Southern Man and I needed to upgrade and change our cell phones (and cut the land line in the process - yea!).  I wanted to be able to accept credit cards when I do art shows and not contend with my metal knuckle-buster anymore...for that I needed a smartphone.

Of course, one of the fun features is the camera...and the other photo apps you can download.  For today I just played around with the regular camera feature and utilized some of the different "effects" available - such as "negative", "saturation", and "sepia" while I was fluffing my space at Faded Elegance.

an aside...Faded Elegance is in the running to be the Best Antique Store in "Best of
Western Washington" event sponsored by KING 5...cast your vote HERE....thanks!

worth a look...

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