In due time

in due time - 2011

I've been trying very hard to clean out the stuff in my basements...yes, that is plural...I have a rental house behind me where I also store junk...this is the hazard of not having a garage!

I have no shortage of items that fall into the category "someday I will find the perfect use for this..." 
Maybe its time or maybe its my patience...I'm tired of steel/big/heavy/clumsy stuff...I want to deal with paper/canvas/small/packable stuff.

But over the weekend, I had a Eureka Moment...

metal table base from a local restaurant going out of business...removed the original table top...it was press-board and had an unbelievable amount of dried bubble-gum on the underneath side...I would guess I've had this base easily for seven years.

weathered wood box...from a junking excursion at a defunct farm in Oregon...this is solid wood...it weighs a ton...I've probably have held onto this box for over five years...

Why not marry the two together...after a few measurements and 6 stout screws...it is a blessed union!
I love that the heft and rust of the base is matched by the weight and weathered grain of the top...I feel transported to an Italian bistro, dining alfresco with this table sitting on my patio...
I'm linking up to Mosaic Monday over at Little Red House...I'm sure I'm not the only one who had a blast of inspiration over the weekend...


  1. Wonderful! I love those aha moments. When I was scrolling down, my guess was that you were going to make a hopper-type bird feeder--I like the table idea so much better!

  2. I would love to check out your basements! Sounds like they are a treasure trove. This table is so wonderful. The pitcher is perfect too. I'm visiting from Mosaic Monday and am a new follower. Happy Labor Day!

  3. Great job Amy! I know what you mean about the heavy, metal items. Except I haven't made the transition to the smaller lighter items...I wish I would! I go to a sale and what I'm attracted to is big and heavy. I need another basement too. Actually, I need another barn...
    Is this going in your home or booth. I really love it!

  4. doesn't it feel good when you can actually use those things you keep for when 'inspiration strikes'? I love that feeling.

  5. Wow, what a fabulous marriage of elements to make a harmonious whole! Thanks for sharing your talent at MM. :)

  6. Now I wouldn't have seen this at all...I do need to start reading your book!

    Love "in due time"...somewhere I just might have an old clock or two myself...


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