One good picture deserves another...and another...

Seth Apter has sparked a stack revolution...or rather a picture-taking stack revolution...
let me explain...

Seth Apter of The Altered Page posted a picture a couple of weeks ago of a stack of paper in his art studio...the textures and colors were so interesting and fascinating...another blogger suggested that we should all take photos of the stacks in our studios and share them...and so was born the idea for today's post...I am participating in the Stack Sharing Project that's going on over at The Altered Page.  The idea was to take photos of the stacks you have and post them on your blog - and then link up over at The Altered Page where over 80 (!) artists are participating....without further delay....my stacks...

I grabbed my camera and before I could even make it to my studio, I noticed the stack of newspapers on the kitchen table...we're a newspaper reading family here - two papers a day...they stack up quickly...
Recently I've been working on a series of collages that use book covers as the base...
so I have alot of books without covers stacking up...
and here are a stack of covers waiting for their turn...
This stack of covers is from a 1908 set of encyclopedias that survived a fire...
I'm making journals out of them...find a tutorial on my journal-making process here.
I use a lot of books in my work...for the base layer of a collage, for an interesting image to transfer, for a memorable snippet of words to inspire ...so I need a big inventory to draw from...

As you can see...I have books stacked everywhere...
As I climbed the stairs up from my basement studio to my office, there's more stacks...
and to round out the photo montage...a stack pic taken with my new smartphone...
Thanks to Seth for hosting such a great link-up...now get over there and check out all the other stacks!


  1. What a sensational series of stacks. Love them all...the newspapers (why didn't I think of that?), the book covers (!), and the covers that survived the fire. Please show us that project when it is complete.

  2. I absolutely love all your books and covers. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great photos! I especially love the one of the stack with the dictionary.

  4. what great photography! i want to touch all!

  5. I love all the pictures and your blog!

  6. Absolutely beautiful!!! Such wonderful stacks of cool stuff!! Almost too good to use! (o:

    I did notice that you did save the best for last....

  7. oh my gosh! love the images-the ones that came from the fire are really cool-nothing like a vintage book in any form!

  8. you have some amazing and gorgeous stacks I must say!

    it is brilliant that we stackers can unite thanks to Seth and Heather!


  9. What scrumptious books you have!

  10. all of your stacks are so very lovely but i am blissfully in love with those encyclopedia covers! what a hugely wonderful treasure you have there!!

  11. Wow...you really are stacked! LOL! Love the images.

  12. You are a natural stacker I can see, even the awesome one in your header is fantastic to look at.
    {sorry...too much, I have a touch of stack envy LOL}
    Thanks for sharing, love those old books!!

  13. Love the frayong edes of those old book covers.

  14. Love the frayong edes of those old book covers.

  15. Love these stacks! Books, pages, covers...such beautiful images of some of my favorite things! I am looking forward to taking a look around your blog!

  16. These are just fabulous Amy. And, it's a great theme. I have stacks...oh yes...many stacks, many have tumbled and now they are piles, a couple may even be called heaps. I'm not quite ready to share my heaps!

  17. I have to add that I really love the one peaking through the door to your office, very cool!

  18. I always love creative stacks, and yours are ALL just that. Sorry I'm so late getting here to see your stacks, but I wouldn't have missed those journal cover stacks for anything in the world. Your really DO have a lot of stacks!

  19. can't decide which is my favorite...the newspapers or the burned journals. very interesting!

  20. I love the the worn, old appearance of these books.
    Flipping though these pages is a step though time


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