How the garden grows, part 2

I spent this past weekend visiting my sister who lives on the other side of the state.  When I left Everett on Friday morning, it was 64 degrees and cloudy...when I got to Yakima three hours later it was 75 degrees and sunny...in between there was Snoqualmie Pass (crossing the Cascade Mts for those of you not from the Pacific NW)...there were still patches of snow in the pass...testament to the cold spring/summer we have been having here!
My sister is the gardener; I am not.  I posted about the initial stages of her garden here...its only been two years and the results are astonishing...that is her constant companion Tupper in the photo...he is tied up since there is a mother cat with her newborn kitties just on the other side of the back fence...and he will not give them any peace!

Everything has been filling in nicely...the plants in the garden and the accouterments in the garden shed and outdoor patio...
Such a sensation of sights...such a delight and a pleasure...

I'm linking up to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House...where the host Mary is having her own garden sensation experience!


  1. Ohhhh that is all so beautiful!! Texas is so darn hot that the flowers are all struggling ~
    Thank you for sharing with us!!


  2. Her garden looks beautiful. That cool weather sounds pretty good now..we hit 100 yesterday.

  3. My wife and I were up in Michigan (Torch Lake) over long 4th of July weekend visiting with her sister and her husband....beautiful weather...then to come back to Cincinnati-land to 90+ heat and humidity...yuch!!

    So tell me...what template(s) do you use to group your pics? (I had this same discussion with faded prairie..) I love how you both do this!!

    Oh...check out my newest posting about City Flea...there's a note directed to you at the end... (:

  4. The garden is so beautiful! and so green! (we are dried up and brown in Texas) I love the lamp in your previous post!

  5. I love your mosaics! You live in a most beautiful part of the country! ♥

  6. What a pretty garden and garden shed - your sister is off to a great start!

  7. I love peaking in and seeing what creative things you're up to. Sister's garden is beautiful, glad you had time with her. Don't know what I would do without my sweet sisters....

  8. yes, I know that I'm in the only part of the country not sweltering from the heat!
    and yes Erin, I don't what I would do without my sweet sister either...!


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