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I have been on a mission for the last year - to clean out the massive quantities of stuff in my basement.  Some of it has been remainders of inventory from the (now closed) salvage studio retail space.  Some of it has been raw materials for projects.  Some of it has been projects in process.  And some of it was just detritus that had to be tossed.  I've been making good progress on most of it.  But the albatross that lurked in the back of my studio still remained...
18 plastic tubs of fabric.

As I've commented before, I have been sewing since I was a little girl.  At one time, I made most of my clothes.  When I started my company, four corners design, I made pillows, tablecloths and bed linens from a combination of vintage and recycled fabrics.  So over the years, one accumulates a lot of fabric...because you never know when you will need just that right texture/color/pattern for whatever it is that you are making.

I've stopped making my clothes - I pretty much wear blue jeans, gray t-shirts and wool sweaters now.  I stopped making pillows from vintage textiles - people would love the design but would prefer, for example, that the fabric to be red and not blue- they did not understand that with vintage materials, its one-of-a-kind.  And whenever I was working on a project and wanted to add some fabric, I could never find what I was looking for because there's so much and its so disorganized - to say nothing about rummaging thru 18 tubs and finding the desired fabric in the last tub!

Last year I heard about this "purge party" happening in Seattle - it was too late for me to participate but when I got the early info in January, I immediately signed up.  There's a group of Stashaholics, a fabric swap community, that sponsors a "Purge Party" twice a year at Magnuson Park.  Its a place to unload your stash (and earn a commission on your sales) or you can load up on more stash by coming to the sale.  This spring sale will be April 10 & 11.  All the details can be found on their website, Our Fabric Stash.  One could even sell their stash and also buy more but I'm going to resist and just unload.  And its not just fabric - textiles, yarn, notions, craft supplies will all be for sale.  I also love the part that whatever you don't sell, you can choose to donate and the Stashaholics will take care of giving it to a charitable cause.

So I'm going thru my 18 tubs and have it whittled down to 4 tubs that I'm keeping.  These rest went to Goodwill or is being tagged for the Purge Party.  I have a lot of fabric remnants - I organized them by color and have bundled them together so you get a coordinated package of material - perfect for making a quilt, a totebag, sachets, whatever you want. 

I have 75 bundles - many have vintage materials and designer fabrics in them - don't you need one for yourself?


  1. I can really relate to this. I hate to admit it but I have 19 tubs! At one time they all contained fabric, now just 9 do, still too many. You've inspired me to start a purge.

  2. Jenifer - believe me, I used to have more! and I haven't even begun on the notions and trims - but that's next! Good luck with your purging!

  3. OMG - I wish I had waited a week to clean out my tubs. I just donated last weekend!

  4. The Fabric Stash group has a fall event too - so if you have any more tubs, you can sign up for the fall event and donate!

  5. Oh my word! ... Amy, I have just spent the past two hours going over your blog after clicking on your icon from Kim's latest Beyond Beyond ... (May 15th) and have yet to produce my 2B for the week.
    I must say you have an incredible talent, I sooo can relate with all you find interesting and was thinking, I wish I was as organized as Amy ... because I know how much room the Props and Stash take up in my house.
    The Fabric Stash ... what a great idea! My problem is I have so much STUFF that leads me in so many directions, nothing is organized anymore. My biggest problem was that after 4 moves in 5 years, everything I owned in regards to my Stash, ended up in umpteen boxes, some packed by other people. I don't know where much of what I love from my finds is even. Trouble is this house has no storage so everything is just piled waiting for some magical energy to come over me in order to organize, purge, renew.
    The first blog post I went to today was the one with the vintage screwdrivers. Oh ... sent my back along way to my dad's stash of tools and then the lunch kit was just like his when he was a longshoreman (yeah I live 125 miles north of you) so the coast is home. I now need to hit some estate sales ... lol.
    SO, while drooling over your finds, I'm thinking, 'good grief, I have to get organized if anything new is going to come from my scatterbrain.
    I used to make things, with the sewing machine so I know about the fabric stashing. I can so relate to the 'there will be a use for this or that one' ... I had ideas for every thread!
    No time to play with all that is in my head and in the journals of lists and ideas. Real life got in the way so much so that if I dare to create anything besides a photograph, I am feeling so much guilt (taxes)... and if I could get caught up I know I will feel so much better. That's neither here nor there but let me just end this book with ... thank you. You have inspired me to at least get started on organizing the stuff I can see for now. Even my blogs are unorganized.
    Then, I must get on with the rest so I can 'Keep Calm and Carry On' ... =0)
    I've also Pinned you on Pinterest so I can see what you come up with. Love the stuff you have found. Keep up the great work ... fabulous creations.
    Have a great week!!


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