Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

One: old wooden hangers

Two: tattered sheet music

Two & one-half: 
Add a dab of paint, a length of wallpaper, a flourish of ribbon...

Three: a trio of hanger art
great sources for inexpensive supplies:

Latex paint - your local hardware store (like Lowes!) usually has a mis-tint area where you can pick up paint for a discounted price.  The small sample cans are great since you can get just that little bit of paint that you need for a small project.

Wallpaper - Any store that deals with wallpaper will have sample books.  These books expire as new designs are released and the store receives updated samples.  Often the expired books are free for the asking.

Ribbon - for those of you in the Seattle area, Midori Ribbon has an outlet location.  Midori carries an exquisite line of ribbon, handmade paper and buttons for crafts, decorating and gift giving.  Details on their events and sales can be found at www.midoriribbon.com

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3! And you can quickly swap out other images and designs - change according to the seasons, the holidays, whatever whim strikes your fancy...


  1. always amazes me how some minds work and can make an art piece out of something so simple. thank you it makes me smile and glad i am alive to be a part of your creative process

  2. thanks for the 1-2-3 steps-- and for the Midori Ribbon link-- I do live near Seattle and would love to go there.

  3. Such a great project, Amy! Love the mix of materials and colors!

  4. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

  5. You would not believe how many old hangers I have. I am so drawn to them and keep thinking...use them. Although some of them just "hanging" around are awesome by themselves. I have plans of organizers etc hanging from them. I just did one finally with a simple wire strung across, maybe I can post about it soon. But, after all my rambling...I like the simplicity of what you did. As you said, 1,2,3 and your done. Very cool.


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