It finally arrived!

For many of you who are fans of the shelter magazines - and none too happy when Country Home/Cottage Living/Domino/too many more to name magazines folded last year - the prospect of a new publication on the horizon was manna.  Available now on the newstand, this inaugural issue of Flea Market Style is not yet a regular periodical, but there is great hope that this one hit wonder will repeat!

As part of the promotion of the magazine, there were several giveaways on the Flea Market Style blog that fellow bloggers could enter.  Only one of the items caught my attention - one of the vintage embellished shoulder bags from Junk Revolution, the brainchild of Ki Nassauer.  To say that I was surprised when I found out I won is an understatement!  I'm not one for kate spade or louis vuitton - this bag was perfect for hauling my personal stuff with me to work/the store/errands/whatever.  So I waited...and I waited...and I waited...   

and today it
finally arrived.

I love the trinkets hanging on the front- one is a watch gear, one is a skeleton key, one is a county dog tax tag but the best is the mini auto license from Illinois 1957.  A couple of years ago, my sister gave me one of these mini licenses from our home state of Wisconsin.  I remember as a child that every car owner received one of these to put on their key chain.  I immediately added my WI tag to the mix.  The bottle cap riveted on the strap says it all.

By the way, I believe your local Lowes should have copies of Flea Market Style - and magazines are always discounted 10% off publisher's price.  My favorite article is the one detailing the many uses for old Reader's Digest books - of which I have a few ideas myself - but that's another post...

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  1. i love magazines always have and i will take a look at this one. the bag is to cool. always amazed at how creative and unique our fellow artisit can be.


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