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My friend Sue sent me an email yesterday, forwarding on a request from her nephew Tim.  Tim is studying Art at the University of Wis - Stevens Point (where I happened to have graduated from myself!) and has put out a call to the world to assist with his latest art project.  Here's the solicitation, in his own words...

I am writing to you for your help in creating a FANTASTIC ART PROJECT!!! It’s easy and fun and will help me make the GRADE!

My name is Tim Vermeulen and I am a second semester art student at the University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point. I am asking for your help and participation in a project I am undertaking.

As part of my foundation courses I am required to create a 360° drawing. Rather than choosing to draw all sides of an object I am electing to draw (create) from all sides of the globe. With your aid I would like to collect various ephemera/items from around the world as part of my idea of a "360° World Vision."

The way this request works is that I have sent it to a group of friends and family. In turn, I ask each of them to forward it to anyone they know who is residing abroad (living, studying, on long term leave, teaching, volunteering, etc.) and would be willing to participate. From there I ask that each person who receives this message MAIL back something to me for my artwork. I am hoping to get something from all the continents and as many countries as possible!!! Think outside the ‘borders.”

A participant could use any envelope, of any size, and include inside of it anything they would like. It could simply be the postmarked envelope!
Here is a list of ideas of things one may choose to include (do not feel limited):
Candy Wrappers
Original Artwork
News Clippings
Wrapping Paper
Ticket Stubs
To Do Lists

As I disclaimer, I would ask you to please not include anything of value to you, or anything you wish to keep as these articles will be incorporated into the artwork, and not returned. If postage is an issue, just indicate somewhere that you would like to be reimbursed and I will readily send a few American dollars to your return address

If you intend to participate, please mail your envelope to the address below no later than April 3, 2010. Please indicate from whom you received the request so that I may trace it back to myself. I will also be forwarding digital images of the final project to those who choose to participate so that they may view the fruits of their labor.

Any questions? E-mail me at: celloboy09@sbcglobal.net
Many thousand thanks (in advance) to all of those who forward this or choose to participate!

So once again:
Mail me an envelope with “stuff” to the below address by April 3.
Send this email on to some of your friends who might be willing to send me an envelope—spread far and wide.
Wait for a wonderful piece of art to be created and I will email a photo of the creation.

Play for peace,
Tim Vermeulen
501 Reserve Street
Room 141
Stevens Point, WI, USA 54481

Being a multi-media artist myself, I love the concept of this project.  And even more, I love encouraging people, especially young people, to follow their passion - and you must admit, Tim sounds passionate about his project.

Tomorrow I will start my envelope - though I could probably easily fill a box!  I'll include everyday ephemera from life here at home as well as my travels to other countries.  I'll probably throw in a good measure of "vintage" items - Tim seems like just the person to appreciate this kind of old stuff.
I hope you'll join me...and as cited above - Play for Peace!

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