Camaraderie, part 3

Last Monday I had my first photo shoot...as the photographer, not as the subject.  An artist friend of mine - Lisa Myers Bulmash, asked me if I would take some photos of her artwork...she admires the photos on my blog and thought I could work some magic for her.

First of all, I was extremely flattered...I think I do ok with my point & shoot but its no where in the professional arena...and I have learned a thing or two with Photoshop...but again, I'm still in the novice stage.

Second, Lisa has taken photos of her work for her blog and she's done a great job...I think she just needed a little nudging...but it gave us a chance to hang out for a morning and talk shop...always a benefit for an artist!

Winter in the Pacific NW can be very gray...and thus was this day...which made shooting with natural light a challenge. 

So we propped up white boards...and suspended canvases from string...and knelt down on the floor...ever under the watchful eye of Lisa's dog, Moxie...

Lisa's work is multi-dimensional...both in its physical construction and in its interpretation...I wanted to examine the layers of materials...and the depth of meanings...

And to thank me, Lisa gave me a print of this stellar collage...
Lisa will have her first solo art exhibit in May 2013 at the Mountlake Terrace Library...
find all the details HERE 
it will be on my calendar...how about yours?...


  1. Great pictures!!! point and shoot or not, you did a great job at it and bet Lisa was very happy with the outcome.
    Love the one of Moxi, really lovely and Lisa's art is wonderful, wish I was some what closer so I could go and see her show. But wishing her the best of luck with it and Im sure it will be great hit.

  2. Nice shots, lovely work of Lisa's and Moxie, what a cutie helper. xox

  3. Great job - I haven't been blogging too much this past week (until today) because the light was just so DIM .... it really gets to me sometimes!

    Thanks for the link - I will click through and check it out - MLT isn't too far :)

  4. Do you want a little vacation taking photos in Nanaimo? :) Great job, Amy!

  5. Thanks again, Amy... it was great having you over, and you get double points for carefully not noticing the total disregard for regular housecleaning. :o) Moxie Dog will always be happy to have you give her scratches too.

    And Kim: when you check the link, say hi -- I'd love to see you in MLT!

  6. so glad to have found your blog through a few mutual bloggers... the photos in this post... and the last were marvellous... looking forward to following along...xx


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