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Last weekend I had a spare moment...and stopped in at an estate sale here in town...I love it when the ad mentions "...have lived in house for 63 years, everything must go..."

I  didn't make it over to the house until the end of the sale...so slimmer pickin's...that's fine by me...
really need to keep my accumulation under control...

My modus operandi is to always hit the garage and basement first...in this case, there was quite a cache of tools in the garage...with one BIG box of screwdrivers...I looked through the contents...and was really struck by the variety, texture and color of the wood handles...yes, all wood handles...no plastic to be seen.  I have an idea of a large multi media collage that I want to create for my summer art show - Fresh Paint held in Everett -
here's what I picked up...all for $2.00...

the diversity of the shapes and textures of the wood handles captivated me...such workmanship in their construction...no wonder they've lasted so long...

the shape of the handle providing placement of the palm...and the design within the wood to ensure a good grip...worn patina that belies their usefulness...

I also picked up this vintage black metal lunch box...
did the owner carry his lunch to work as a carpenter or handyman?

Whatever their prior history might have been...I will be giving these tools a new story...as I work to incorporate them as part of my art assemblage...details later this summer...


  1. Oh my! I want all of it...the screwdrivers...the lunch box. Particularly the lunch box!! What great finds!!!

  2. The tools and the lunchbox remind me of my dad. The lunchbox is the exact same kind he use to take with him everyday to work at the cabinet shop. Love the worn handles. Wonderful finds.

  3. Visiting from Kim's Friday Finds. Love your vintage screwdrivers. I recently found an old wooden tool carrier with leather strips bolted on the edges to slip tools into. I'm using it for flowers and "borrowed" some older tools from hubby but he took them back when he needed to use them :( You must have really enjoyed that sale. Even if you don't find anything the thrill of the hunt is so energizing.

  4. visiting from Friday Finds and I say "Nice finds" -- how you photograph those screwdrivers with such detailed shots.. great job!

  5. Great finds Amy. New "old" editions for your collection.

  6. Oh Amy. Oh my. Wonderful finds and beautiful photos. Thank you for linking up. I'm so excited about seeing everyone's weekly finds. xo

  7. I think the screwdrivers are a great find and really admire the way you have photographed them.

  8. Great finds and they are in wonderful shape.

  9. these are wonderful! I love how worn the handles are - great captures! visiting from friday finds : )

  10. Gorgeous find I love the lunch box... visiting from Friday Finds with Kim

  11. This is a man's dream find. :) Love the processing.

  12. Great finds, Amy, love vintage tools !
    Nice weekend,

  13. I loved the handles on Facebook and I love them more now...and that lunchbox. What a find!

  14. What wonderful photos of your great find. Wouldn't it be great to know the stories behind each of these tools....how they made someone's life easier...what did they repair...how long have they been just lying around?!

    1. I agree Mary Ann - I'm sure these tools could tell quite a story!

  15. I haven't been able to visit for so long and here I see tools!!! and a great new/old table!!! Love it and am happy to visit again. Sure hope you have a great show at Farm Chicks!


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