A package deal

Its down to the wire now...almost ready to hit the road to Farm Chicks...all of the art/cards/projects/junk has been packed and priced...there's just a few more details to finish up...

And those details pertain to the rest of the package...from what you view when you approach my booth - to the goodies you see inside - to what you take away - even if its only a business card...I have planned for all of it... those of you who know me understand that little happens by accident...but when everything flows together, there's a cohesiveness...and you and your product are recognized and remembered.

Since this is an indoor show, I wanted a different display for my artwork...I didn't want to use my outdoor canopy frame...so I decided to construct a basic frame out of galvanized pipe, from which I will hang my display panels which hold my artwork...the metal pipe fits in perfectly with the junk vibe of my work.  I enlisted the help of two of my cohorts at Lowe's...Dennis and Ron in the plumbing department...they were godsends!  I came to them with my initial idea...they helped me figured out the details...and then cut and threaded all of the pipe...and they didn't think I was crazy...especially when Dennis told me he used to work at the Reno Lowe's and would always know when Burning Man was close at hand by the odd requests for building things that were a bit out of the ordinary...

When all the pipe was cut, threaded and assembled in sections, Dennis drew me a diagram of the display, color coded nonetheless...
I can't thank the two of them enough for their expertise, time and patience...

The other project that required expertise assistance were the aprons I made for myself and the Southern Man to wear during the show...I wanted to have at hand all of the necessities for transacting business...an apron seemed the logical answer...I looked around my studio for materials...and came across several director chair covers that I picked up for pennies a couple of years ago...I liked the colors and the fabric and thought they might be useful some day...that day arrived...I went to work...

I took the completed aprons to Kate of Full Circle Studio...and she applied my logo onto the front of each apron, using her hot iron press...its the crowning touch!

There are certainly a thousand and one details to remember...good thing I'm a list maker...
can one ever be too organized?


  1. Fantastic post!!! Thanks so much for sharing all the "details"!! I plan to print this out so I can use it if/when I do the show circuit myself!! Marvelous!!

  2. As always, you are the most organized creative person I know! Hubby of mine has already been instructed to examine your new set up. I of course will just shake my head in wonder (and yes, jealousy) as your set up will be ready hours before mine!

  3. Looks like you thought of everything Amy! I love the aprons! Fab! It's going to be a great show for you!!!

  4. This all looks awesome, Amy! I so wish I could be there!

  5. Such excellent ideas! I know you will be a great success. And I do wish I could be there.

    1. thanks Christie - it will certainly be an adventure!


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