After the rush

It was a busy, hectic weekend for Fresh Paint, the art festival here in Everett where I was a participating artist.  Set-up on Friday was hot...which is not news in the rest of the country but when we get a day or two over 80 degrees here, everything  is fried!

So it was welcome relief when Saturday morning  dawned with typical marine weather...and I enjoyed the calmness of the marina before the start of the show...

A special aspect of this show is that the artists are to be "in action"...demonstrating some aspect of their art.  Since I deal with paper and recycling/upcycling is an important part of my creations, I decided to make mini art journals, assembling them on the spot and giving them away to anyone who stopped by my booth.

I pre-cut a huge stack of leftover paper scraps - both unprinted sheets as well as printed book pages/maps/receipts/etc.  For the journal cover I used cardstock that was leftover from my previous
greeting card line...I had a large variety of colors and the texture of the paper was fantastic...

I counted out 8 assorted sheets, stacked them inside of the card stock cover, stapled twice on the fold and then slapped a white label on the logo that had been printed on the old cardstock.  Sometimes I added an embellishment of a colored sticker or a few crayon colorings...

People seemed to like them...and were so surprised they were free!  I didn't keep track but I would guess I made over 200 journals during the weekend...and by Sunday afternoon, I was out of paper so I take that as a measure of success...

The show...well, a mild success... art is a discretionary purchase and with the economy still on the mend, its a tough market...good news is that the perfect wheel collage went to an enthusiastic art lover...

and I enjoyed talking with all who came by my booth...and catching up with artist friends from around the area...

but I still need to unpack...and return the dining room table to its original use (dining rather than art work surface!) before I can take a needed rest...where is that studio boy when I need him...!


  1. love the "inspire" bird collage

  2. Looks like you had fun! How nice you gave the journals away!I love the bird collage, too!

  3. How generous of you to give out such a lovely journal! I really hope to visit your part of the country again real soon! Your art pieces are so creative and ingenious! Good Job!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the show. I love your idea for the little free journals...how sweet of you. So glad the wheels sold...it was truly unique and fun!

  5. I bet people were tickled with the free journals and hopefully that will eventually bring more sales. The economy....well, we all have to "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" to quote Dora from Finding Nemo.

  6. Nice display, love the old mattress frame from a crib? Glad your wheels are on the move. xox

  7. Hey Amy! Sorry Fresh Paint wasn't too busy this year. It was so slow. I heard good things about you all the way down to my booth! For the first time in history (for me) Sunday had 3 or 4 times as many people stop by than Saturday did. Although, very few bought, same as every other year!!! It's nice to hear the wheel went. If you need another! You know where I live!!! Shell ps,,, the potting bench sold! SCHWEET!


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