With a nod to Mary Randolph Carter...
My sister took the photo from inside her garden shed...and I provided the processing and texture...

My sister's newest find of the rusted yellow garden cultivator inspired her composition...

seems to be the height of junking season this weekend...I wonder what treasures I will find...


  1. OMG...even your sister's garden shed looks like it came out of Home and Garden! There's no hope for me!!! Great image!!

  2. I love the composite! And I especially love the electric fence sign. Now, I want to find one. But where would I put it.....?

  3. My garden shed is not so lucky to be that artistically arranged. Love the composition.

  4. A work of art...and I love that electric fence sign!

  5. Wow, great composition and photo!! Love all the good junk!

  6. what delightful little books! lovely images all of them. :) thanks for stopping by to say hi! kelly


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