A collection of the heart

I've been finishing up several collage art pieces in prep for the Fresh Paint Festival of Artists show in mid-August.  The kernel of inspiration for this creation was germinated with the maps I received from Dave of Clearer Reflections...along with additional found objects that I had collected for a time...all coming together to tell this story...

I started with the title, A collection of the heart, and worked backwards (one usually titles a piece last, after it is completed).  I felt that this title guided my direction and gave reference to the story I wanted to tell...

The old perfume bottle and the broken string of pearls were rescued from the detritus of an estate sale...the needlepoint home has been hanging on my studio bulletin board for 8 years, just waiting for its time...the locket flips open to reveal an silent sigh, my own editorial input...

A Sucrets box from my outside rusting area is easily transformed into "secrets", with a key kept safely inside...foreign stamps and vintage pen nibs convey thoughts written...but never sent...or perhaps they were set free...on a wing of a bird...

A collection of the heart...

see it firsthand at the Fresh Paint Art Show, August 18 & 19...for show details, click here...


  1. this piece just speaks to my heart in EVERY way. so beautiful. "merci" for sharing it! ;)

  2. So, so gorgeous! I have to look at it several times to see all the treasures!

  3. Fantastic, this is beautiful and has a story woven into it with the images you have created. xox

  4. These are so lovely, Amy...this type of art speaks to me...

  5. What a wonderful place for my maps! This is a wonderful collage...I need to study your photos closely as I'm in need of inspiration so I can finish a collage that I've just started!!!

  6. Amy, what a beautifully artful piece. Love the close-ups to see the detail. Absolutely LOVE the Little Prince quote in the box with the key. It's all so "vintagey"! Totally sweet. ;->

  7. I'm brand new to your blog and, reading it, get the uncanny feeling that even though we're on opposite sides of the country we're strangely connected!

    I MUST know more about your "outside rusting area" !!! Do you have a secret for hastening the rusting process? If so, I'd love to know about it, as I am a rust-luster like you! :-)

    1. Miranda - I would be happy to share my rusting rituals...but you have no email address to respond to! either change your profile from "noreply" to include your address or email me at amy_duncan@yahoo.com so we can share rust stories!

    2. Miranda (Barbara)8/04/2012 5:06 AM

      Hi Amy, E-mailed you and looking forward to hearing from you. Happy thrifting this weekend!

  8. Such a gorgeous collection! The love and care you put into it is obvious, too.

  9. These are so beautiful - they have such a nice flow to them and such interesting finds! This is my first time visiting your blog - it is lovely!


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