Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Its time for another Easy 1-2-3 project (see previous 1-2-3 projects here , here, and here  and one more here...) projects where I take common materials and end up with a simple upcycled design.

Cork rounds from the garden department at Lowe's...meant to be used under a plant pot so that there's no water ring left behind...one side is cork to absorb the water drips and the other side is some sort of composite material...the odd colored square is where the UPC code sticker was...it will be covered up so no matter...because I'll be flipping them over to use as coasters so the cork side protects the tabletop.

Paper scraps from the top of my work table...often times, I don't want to over think a project...just use what's at hand...for the mini-collages I created for the composite side of the coasters, I used whatever scraps I had immediately available...most likely leftover from art collages I have been working on...

Two & one-half:
After I composed a mini-collage on each coaster, glued all the paper into place, waited until it was dry, sanded the edges and the surface, it was ready for two coats of polyurethane...I wanted to make sure that the surface could stand up to heavy duty happy hour use!

Did you know that you should never shake a can of polyurethane or varnish?  Shaking will trap air bubbles in the mixture that will be transferred to the surface and will dry in place, giving a bumpy texture to your work... always stir gently, making sure that you mix in the bottom sediment well.

In no time, I had a set of six coasters...ready to protect tabletops and add a little interest under one's drink...

I added a strip of adhesive copper tape to the outer edge of one coaster...just for a little extra shine...

Linking up to Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Nite Special...always plenty of inspiration...as easy as 1 (click) - 2 (browse) - 3 (inspired!)

worth a look...

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