Note to self

Junk...one love of my life...but sometimes it gets the best of me. 
I've been having a hard time finding an effective method for organizing/ cataloging/just plain keeping track of
what I have...

Every once in a while I get a wild hair...and then all sorts of things go out the door - to other artist friends, to Goodwill, to other deserving souls.  I'm thinking of expanding my etsy shop and offering for sale junk that I either
1.  Have a sufficient quantity so parting with some of it would never be noticed by me and it might make another soul happy.
2.  Picked up so long ago that I have lost my initial inspiration and nothing hits me now so might as well have someone else give it new life.
3.  Couldn't bear to throw out but it has great potential!

My current project definitely falls into the third category...I have had this bag of cream colored circles for years...I'm not quite sure what they are made of...but I think they might be ceramic...they look like old poker chips but there's no marking of any kind...I just knew they had potential so they sat in a pile, waiting patiently...

The inspiration finally struck...I have an idea for making wire baskets and wanted to attach some sort of number tag to the front of the basket...like these that I saw on Pinterest...and then I saw other pins of number tags...using round disks with an imprinted number...and it hit me...the eureka moment...I have some round disks that I could put numbers on!

Gathered up the disks...dug out my supply of rub-on letters...played around with numbers and letters...drilled a hole in each disk with my Dremel tool...sprayed a finish coat of semigloss polyurethane for protection...and ta-da!

The polyurethane can was almost empty so the spray was inconsistent...but I like the mottled effect it produced...
I'm thinking of using a crackle finish on the next batch...

But before I tackle that next batch, I'm off to The Farm Chicks Antique Show in Spokane...going with my friend Liz...I've never been so I'm looking forward to seeing all that junk...looking at all that potential...discovering all new inspiration...

and still challenging myself to find a way to keep it under control...that be the junk...not the inspiration...


  1. Me...throw it out. You...make something fun out of it!! Hmmm....I know I'm missing something here! (o: Great post!!!

  2. Hi Amy,
    Great eureka moment!! The disks look great....I'm a sucker for anything with numbers!

  3. so, yeah. junk may be out of control here too. ha! oh well!


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