The Everett Farmer's Market is finally open!  Held every Sunday from June to October, its a regular stop for the Southern Man and I.  Not only do we live in a micro-clime with an obnoxious wind and little southern exposure in our yard, but I really do have a black thumb...so we've decided to patronize the local food artisans/farmers instead...today was our first visit of the season...

Strawberries picked this morning and asparagus harvested just yesterday came home with us...and we had a great lunch of asian spring rolls along with some Mexican torta...eating local has never been easier...or tastier...

BTW...my photo collage was created with the help of PicMonkey...now that Picnik is no more, PicMonkey has stepped up to fill the need of easy online photo editing...I'm loving the variety of templates and options...makes anyone look like a pro!

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  1. Love your collage. Great colors. Now I'm hungry. Lol

  2. Love your collage!! I like your new talents, Amy. BTW, strawberries rock!!

  3. I was sad when Picnik went away -- but I think I like Picmonkey even better.

    Gorgeous collage, Amy. Yum! Thank you so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week. xoxo

  4. What a great and delicious collage! :)

  5. It all looks so delicious! We also go to our local farmer's market and organic farms. I have a green thumb for flowers but not for veggies! Love the collage. I'll take a look at PicMonkey. Thanks for the link.

  6. Wow, picmonkey is loads of fun to use and play around with! Thanks!


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