When a phone is not a phone

Who ever thought that you could do so much more with your cell phone than just calling...the explosion of the phone as camera is phenomenal and is taking off as its own art medium.  Can you believe how sharp this photo is...yep, it was taken by my smartphone...
photo by amy duncan / taken with Retro Camera app for Android

My artist friend Dave over at Clearer Reflections is hosting a parade of photomania...participating artists are sharing, not only their photo creations, but also the formula/app/process/"recipe"  they used to create it...all done on a smartphone!  amazing what technology can do!

Here is my contribution...I don't have a lot of fancy apps on my phone (at least not yet...) so I was just playing around with the settings on the camera function of my phone (Motorola Atrix 4G)...this photo is a composition of the four settings available (beyond normal)...the settings clockwise from the upper left corner are - solarize, sepia, black & white, and negative.

And yes, I cheated (only a little bit!)...I used Picasa to collage the photos...I have the Diptic app on my phone but it only has combinations of three photos for a collage, not four...though I am sure there is an app that would have done exactly what I wanted...I'll have to visit Dave's blog to view everyone's creations and recipes...I hope you join me there...Click here to visit Clearer Reflections and Dave's photo cookbook...


  1. Amy...these are wonderful!!! But of course, I knew any photo you'd do would be great!!! Love how you used the Retro Camera app...matches the subject perfectly!!! And of course Diptic...figured you'd like that one!!

    Thanks so much for joining in!!!

  2. The clarity and detail in the first shot is amazing. And I love photo mosaics -- and yours is a beaut.

  3. i've used the retro app before and it is pretty nice.
    great photos.


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