Blog love and a Winner!

I can't believe at times the amount of support/appreciation/general good feelings I receive from other bloggers...people who live in other parts of the country...no, make that the world...its gratifying to know that I have touched other's lives...

Two notable instances - Within this last week, I had two different bloggers share one of my posts on their blogs...more than just a mere mention...a big, huge shoutout!

First Michael from Blue Velvet Chair raved about my brass stencil lamp...read her post here

Then Bonita Rose from A Life Unrehearsed praised my letters & numbers display...read her post here

And now I get to spread a little more blog love...the winner of my FOLK magazine giveaway is


I asked participants to share what they love about fall...everyone commented on the sights, sounds and tastes of the season...Happy Autumn to all...relish the moment!

worth a look...

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