Letters & numbers

I changed out my space today at Faded Elegance...its taken on an autumn vibe...but with a twist.  I've always been drawn to the the graphic quality of letters and numbers and decided to play this theme to the hilt...the "numbers" fabric I purchased at IKEA was the perfect backdrop to setting this fall table...
Since I've been playing around with stencils lately, I had some fun with a couple of large size cardboard stencils...

and of course, with letters comes my fascination with words...
and dictionaries & language books of all kinds...

My vignette of Letters & Numbers runs until late November...stop by Faded Elegance and check it out...


  1. It all looks so very pretty. I'm sure a lot of shoppers love to spend time in there. And you've unwittingly started a new collection for me! I've got a handful of those little bulbs and was wondering if anyone would buy them, but now I'm keeping 'em. Gonna put them in a bowl. Thanks for the idea!

  2. It's always fun to see your space updates Amy.

  3. Ohhh I love all the photos in this post... so so beautiful! I have a whole box of those spelling cards... what a great way to use them... beautiful.. and I love the yellow stencilled words... love love love! xo you have enamored me this morning!

  4. U so inspired me today, I blogged about you today! http://alifeunrehearsed2.blogspot.com/2011/10/word-play.html

  5. Okay, I love your use of stencils and words - SO fabulous!

  6. Letters! Numbers! And "Faulty Diction"! Fab tableux!

  7. I love all these vignettes. I too find text very inspiring as a design element.


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